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The one thing I always realize every time I go visit another part of the country is that our food in Brevard County is as good as anywhere else I’ve been. You might be from New York or Jersey and think that no one anywhere else could possibly make a pie that could compare to your favorite one up north and that’s just like someone from Philly swearing that the only place to get a real cheesesteak is in the neighborhood they grew up in.  Even I have a bit of a prejudice when it comes to something and that something would be crab cakes because I grew up eating some pretty incredible crab cakes BUT I’ve also learned to make my own and I would put them up against any I’ve ever had. Anyway, my point is that every area of the country has a lot to offer when it comes to food and pretty much every area is just as good as another. Now places like New York or any other big city where there is so much to choose from and try in one spot, well they are a bit different but only in that they have so many more places to get to.  And if you don’t agree then you might need to get out and try some more of the great locally owned restaurants wherever you live. Also, spending a ton of money does not necessarily mean better food. Case in point, the most expensive meal on this little trip to NYC over the past five days was easily the most forgettable. Actually it was quite disappointing especially when it could have paid for another whole day of nibbling at a bunch of local places like we tend to do. # #

Posted 6 hours ago

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