Smile like a crocodile at Wild Florida.

Wild Florida is located 56 miles to the southwest of the intersection of 95 and 192 out in the middle of Osceola County and there you will find a gator/animal park with over 200 animals for you to interact with, airboat rides on Cypress Lake AND of course their latest addition, the drive through safari.

One of the resident gators.

Conservation is a fundamental part of what they are about and education is a part of every visit whether you’re watching one of the shows or learning about the animals from one of the workers.  As you walk around the different enclosures containing Florida alligators (or when you’re driving by the gator pond on the safari) you will learn that many of the resident gators were actually “nuisance” animals that were brought here instead of being destroyed.  That’s a wonderful bit of conservation all by itself.

You’ll see the giraffes on the safari but you can also buy a package to feed them!

Once you purchase your ticket for the drive through safari, you will typically end up spending 30-40 minutes on the loop and you can go back through if you choose to.  You’ll want to be very aware of any animals that might walk in front of your vehicle and keep a sharp eye out for animals you might miss if you’re just cruising through.  If you drive with your windows down you will want to be very aware of the resident emus, some of which are VERY curious and are known to stick their heads right inside a stationary car or truck.

There’s always something new to see on the drive through safari.

There are a variety of packages you can sign up for including up close animal encounters, all of which you’ll find on their website.  They are home to the Chomp House Grill where you can get a bite to eat and something to drink and there are plenty of areas to sit outside.  You can also host your special events in their air-conditioned Cypress Ballroom but there are several outdoor areas that you can reserve.

Host your special events at Wild Florida.

If you’re looking for a great ¼ to ½ day family friendly road trip, put Wild Florida on your list of things to do!

A map of the gator/animal park.

Address- 3301 Lake Cypress Rd., Kenansville, FL 34739

Phone Number- (407) 957-3135