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4916 Babcock St Ne # Palm Bay, Palm Bay, Florida, United States 32905-2840

About Memaw's Special Bar-B-Q First, we start each day by hand trimming on site all of our select Bar-B-Q meats. The meats are then dipped into our secret basting sauce, invented by Memaw herself over forty years ago, and slowly cooked for hours over a real open-pit fire of select hickory and oak hardwoods. The heat of the pit is controlled by spraying the fire with water, which creates the smoke that acts to tenderly hold in the natural flavors and moisture of the meat.

Not only does our Bar-B-Q have a unique flavor, you'll notice it has a different appearance than ordinary oven-roasted meat. Our pork, due to the smoking process, has a tendency to be pinkish in color and the chicken may be reddish around the thigh bone, even though it is done, Finally, our secret basting sauce turns dark brown in color at the final stages of smoking, adding to the true Bar-B-Q flavor of the meat. Add plenty of your favorite choice of our secret Bar-B-Q sauces at the table and you'll get your very own experience of our special Bar-B-Q.

Y’all sauce it up! Eat it up! Go ahead and enjoy that good old-fashioned Memaw's Bar•B•Q that we are so proud to serve you.f00;"

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