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1280 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida, United States 32935

Southern Caramel is family-owned and operated by a Daughter/ Father duo. Sarah and Jimi have spent some of their most memorable years together in the Florida woods. They would talk about the joys of life and share about their fears, hopes and dreams. They talked about planning for tomorrow while enjoying the present day; all while soaking in the glory of God’s creation. At some point, these hopes and dreams turned to conversations of whether the concept of Southern Caramel was a journey they could walk through together. They both felt the answer was “yes” and so they invite you to share along in this journey with them. A journey built on faith, family, giving and making a difference in the lives of others.

Southern Caramel was started as a way for Sarah to be home with her daughter, at a time when she needed her the most.  Step back a generation, and the roles are reversed as Jimi joined Southern Caramel when his daughter needed him the most.

When Sarah is not surrounded by caramel, she is surrounded by the ones she loves.  She demonstrates her love for others by cooking or baking, which is really the genesis of how Southern Caramel began.  In her free time, she loves cooking elaborate meals and planning her next party.  Whether it be a birthday party or a dessert buffet, she loves using food as a way to connect with people and share life together.  She also loves being outdoors, and you can usually find her kayaking, camping or clay shooting.  She is blessed to serve in her church and is passionate about sharing the love of God with children.  Southern Caramel is an extension of the values and people she cares the most about, and the people and customers she works with brings her much joy and fulfillment.  Her favorite caramel is Chocolate Strawberry.

Jimi is an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt and fish.  He is also a talented musician and serves as a lead guitarist in his church.  Jimi also is a gifted woodworker and will gladly drop whatever he is doing to help out a friend with a project of their own.  Next to his Lord Jesus, his greatest love is for his family and for a small close-knit group of friends that he has been blessed with knowing.  He will tell you that the single most thing that brings him joy is the fact that every member of his immediate family is serving the Lord in one capacity or another. His favorite caramel is Bourbon.