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6977 North Wickham Road, Suntree, Florida, United States 32940

Jacqueline’s Bakery & Café was opened in Historic Downtown Melbourne, Florida, in 2016, by Jacqueline and her husband, Christophe, a dynamic American-French duo. In 2022, they opened a second location to meet the growing demand for their delicious French offerings.

After Jacqueline’s extensive culinary training in Paris, France (where she received the Grand Diploma in Cuisine & Pastry from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, and a state certification in Artisan Bread Baking at the renowned Culinary School, Ferrandi), their dream of opening a French Bakery in the USA was just a few steps away.

Jacqueline’s Bakery and Café serves a variety of breakfast and lunch options as well as delicious and traditional French pastries, baked goods, and ice cream. Come in and enjoy some of their fresh-baked offerings, made daily from scratch, in the authentic French style… making magic out of flour, butter, sugar, and cream.