Part of the inventory at McLaren Orlando in Titusville.

If you’ve driven along Columbia Blvd. in Titusville over the past few months, you may have noticed a sign that reads “McLaren Orlando” and you might not have given it a second thought.

You may have seen some very angular shaped sports cars on the road while driving around the Space Coast Regional Airport and thought to yourself, “Self, that looks like it should be blasting down the runway, what is it doing here speeding around the perimeter road?”.

If you, like me, did notice the sign and you did happen to try to peek over at the parking lot as you drove by, you might have caught a glimpse of some bright colored cars and yep your mind just might have started to wonder if it could be true.

A McLaren Senna GTR at McLaren Orlando in Titusville.

It’s true.  McLaren Orlando’s showroom and service center are both located right here in Brevard County!

After seeing that sign, looking over and catching a glimpse of those bright colored cars in the distance, I made a couple calls and confirmed the statement in the previous sentence just a little over a month ago.  Then, by a stroke of great luck I was able to pay a visit to the dealership for a special event for an extremely special car that made a stop in Brevard County for three days.

First, lets take a glimpse at the dealership where you will find the largest selection of McLaren 720S Spyders in the entire country, but that’s just getting started when it comes to what they have parked in the showroom.

McLaren 720S Spyders at McLaren Orlando in Titusville.

You’ll also find several of the awe-inspiring Senna models including a pair of track rated GTR’s and one example of the LM of which only five were made for the U.S. market (the one you see pictured is chassis #4).  They feature the same 814 hp engine that sits in the rear of the mighty GTR but unlike the GTR which is strictly a track vehicle, the LMs are street legal.  This is the second time an “LS” branded McLaren has been built.

McLaren Senna LM at McLaren Orlando in Titusville.

Two decades ago they built LM versions of the McLaren F1 GTR so that drivers could experience the power of the incredible F1s on the street and now a few lucky souls can sit in their own Senna LM.

The interior of McLaren Senna LM #4 at McLaren Orlando.

Then we get to the reason for my visit on this particular day.

The McLaren Elva prototype at McLaren Orlando.

A prototype of the new McLaren Elva made a three-day appearance right here in Brevard County for some select McLaren owners who drove or flew in to have an opportunity to get behind the wheel of this latest edition to the “McLaren Ultimate Series”, joining the F1, P1, Senna and Speedtail before it hits the market.

The prototype McLaren Elva at McLaren Orlando in Titusville.

The first thing you may notice is a lack of a windshield but don’t think that the driver and passenger are without a little bit of protection from the wind coming over the hood.  Engineers built subtle features into the front end of the car to keep the wind manageable below 70 mph but after that, both the driver and the passenger will feel the full force of what is coming at them.  Because of this, helmets are located directly behind the seats and you would be advised to wear them especially at highway speeds.  Only 149 of these cars will be made worldwide and from the chatter I overheard during my time there, the interest in them is quite high.

That’s one heck of a rear end!

All in all it was a pretty remarkable day discovering Brevard County’s only exotic supercar dealership and who knows, you may be in the area and have the excitement of seeing someone taking one of the cars out for a test drive or possibly on their way home after making a purchase.

Pretty much the only view you’ll get of a McLaren on the road!

The dealership is located at 701 Columbia Blvd Unit A, Titusville, FL 32780 and you can call them at (407) 988-0111 for an appointment if you’d like to learn more about them.