Friday, October 13th saw nothing but great things take place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Psyche launch.  This was the fourth time SpaceX has launched a Falcon Heavy in 2023 and there have only been four other launches of SpaceX’s most powerful operational rocket.  This was the first time NASA has used a Falcon Heavy to launch a payload.

Following liftoff, the side boosters of the Falcon Heavy made their way back to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station approximately eight minutes after leaving the ground for yet another pair of successful landings where they will be used again.  Residents of and visitors to Florida’s Space Coast were treated with a pair of double sonic booms as the boosters landed at the two SpaceX landing zones.

The Psyche spacecraft is now on its way to a metal rich asteroid with the same name and it will be the first to study an asteroid of this type and you can learn more about the mission and follow its progress here.

The fourth SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch of 2023 lifts off from SLC-39A.

The fourth SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch of 2023 clears the pad.

Falcon Heavy gives off one heck of a rumble once it’s off the pad.

A different view of the launch from one of our remote cameras that we had set up around SLC-39A.

A view of the launch of the Psyche mission from 3 miles away.

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