The NASA/ SpaceX Crew 6 mission lifted off from Space Launch Complex 36A at Kennedy Space Center overnight on March 2nd 2023 sending two NASA astronauts (Stephen Bowen & Warren Hoburg), a United Arab Emirates astronaut (Sultan Al Neyadi), and a Russian cosmonaut (Andrey Fedyaev) to the International Space Station.  A SpaceX Falcon 9 was used to put the crew and the Crew Dragon capsule into orbit.

We were on hand at the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center for the arrival of the crew and you can see that below.

Here is the crew posing right after they arrived and before they left the Shuttle Landing Facility.

I am still learning how to set up remote cameras to capture launches closer than the public is permitted to see them from and this is a definite learning process with a sharp learning curve.  Here are some images from different locations we are allowed to set up remote cameras around SLC-36A.  I only set up a pair of cameras for this launch.

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