My wife (The Boss as some of you know her) and I had the pleasure of enjoying the Napa Cellars wine pairing dinner at Cafe Margaux in Cocoa Village and below you’ll see the courses along with an idea of what you can expect during these events at one of Brevard County’s premier dining destinations.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of attending the wine, beer or spirit pairing events at Cafe Margaux a few times and a couple of the things you have to keep in mind when you sit down for a dinner hosted by Alex and Megan Litras as well as Chef Erol Tugrul are that you’re not going to walk away from the table hungry or thinking that you didn’t have an opportunity to fully enjoy the pairings.  The portions for each course are not what you’d typically find at a pairing dinner.  They’re pretty much full size portions and you’re going to enjoy five of them.  The pours for each wine are also quite nice, but if you’re truly enjoying the wines, you can have another.  After all, they’re wanting you to enjoy yourself.

For this two-night event guests were treated to five courses paired with four wines from Napa Cellars as well as a moscato from France.  Napa Cellars winemaker Joe Shirley was also on hand to speak about the wines that were served and that he helped create.

Another observation about these dinners is that they are as much a learning experience as they are an amazing night out.  You will walk away much more informed about what you’re drinking and that’s always a positive.  I’m not going to get into every nuance for each of the wines as I’m no sommelier (although I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!).

First up was Thai Green Curry Soup with Shrimp, Ginger, Coconut Milk, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Snow Peas & Rice Noodles and it was paired with a 2023 Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc.

Next up was a Spinach Salad with Roasted Macadamias and Brie de Meaux and a Warm Honey Bacon Vinaigrette that was paired with a 2022 Napa Cellars Chardonnay.

The first main course was Pan Seared Wild Salmon with Porcini Leek Risotto and a Beurre Rouge paired with a 2021 Napa Cellars Pinot Noir.

Cafe Margaux is known for their steaks and tonight’s Seared Filet Mignon with Sauce Orientale, Créme de Cassis, Garlic, Five Spice & Ginger, Roasted Potatoes and Fried Leeks that was paired with a 2021 Napa Cellars Merlot was the star of the dinner.

There’s always a cheese course following the two main dishes and for this evening we had the pleasure of trying Reblochon from Haute-Savoie, France paired with a 2021 Napa Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon.

The final course was a Lemon Sponge Cake with Vanilla Cream and Lemon Sauce and Chopped Pistachios paired with Vignaioli Stefano Moscato.

Here are (from left to right) wine rep Elizabeth Fernandez, Napa Cellars wine maker Joe Shirley with Cafe Margaux’s Megan and Alex Litras.

Typically you’re able to purchase the wine, beer or spirits that are poured during the dinner and of course we took advantage of the very affordable prices Napa Cellars set for their bottles.

When the time comes for you to sit down to a truly one of a kind dining experience in Brevard County, do yourself a favor and get a seat for a pairing dinner at Cafe Margaux.  Click here to visit their page of upcoming events.

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